Quality policy

The intermedical S.R.L. decided to adopt the Quality as a tool that can allow both the improvement of services rendered to customers, both the optimization of business management.
The Directorate General has identified in the implementation of a Quality Management System complies with UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 the main mechanism for the reorganization of the Company.
The Directorate General of Intermedical S.R.L. is committed to seeking a Quality Policy that puts the customer at the center of all its activities. In particular, customer satisfaction is pursued by providing all the processes and adapting to its particular needs, both implicit and explicit, and detected by monitoring the achievement of the objectives agreed in the contractual stage.
The customer plays a central role in the success of Intermedical SRL. It therefore becomes important to know him, delivering services that meet their needs and increase their satisfaction.

The Directorate General of Intermedical SRL has established the following strategic objectives to be pursued through its Quality Management System:

• improving the image and reputation of Intermedical SRL market, and thus obtain an increase in the number of customers, the increase in revenue, the company’s territorial expansion and entry into new market areas;
• get the satisfaction of stakeholders (shareholders, customers, employees, suppliers),
and consequently the achievement of budget targets, the increase in employment levels, wage improvements, reduced absenteeism, the steady reduction in the number of complaints, the high level of satisfaction Customer, privileged contracts with suppliers;
• identify the needs and expectations of the customer, express and implied, convert requirements and comply with them;
• enable an adequate system of self-control of the Quality Management System which allows to measure the activities and neutralize the problems;
• enable communication tools inside and outside the Intermedical S.R.L. to improve the information flow with customers, suppliers and company personnel and to ensure that the needs and expectations of the customer are known and understood among all those who contribute to the realization of the services offered by Intermedical SRL;
• adopt the latest technical support to the customer, through a constant training and update of senior management and employees who occupy positions of responsibility;
• maintain and consolidate a Business Management System oriented to Quality,
Safety and respect for the Environment through training and information for staff at all levels;
• continuous improvement.